Online Communication Group

Upgrade your Speaking Skills in good company


This is an online group course consisting of 10 classes which aims to teach you how to communicate effectively, raise your confidence, improve your listening and speaking skills.

Each class will be covering some functional language, including expressing opinions, polite formulas, problems with understanding, socialising, small talk and so on. We will be learning how to make up effective dialogues as well as discussing popular topics and news and working with vocabulary difficulties. You will work in a group of 6 for 12 classes. After every class, you will be receiving my written feedback with recommendations on how to improve your grammar accuracy, cultural and vocabulary knowledge.

To enrol to the group, you need to pass the grammar and oral test to make sure you are compatible with other people in it. The programme is made for Low Intermediate level. Please make sure you have completed the test before enrolling to the group.

You will achieve Intermediate level in your speaking skills after completing the group.

Your Instructor

Daria Storozhilova
Daria Storozhilova

I am a bilingual Russian and English teacher with 15 years of teaching experience. I am also an enthusiastic language learner (5 and a half languages and counting). I travel a lot and respect cultural diversity.

I create courses and learning materials which will help you learn English online at the same high quality level as when working with a teacher one-to-one. My programmes are mostly for low-middle levels (A2-B1) which aim to help you achieve confidence and fluency in your communication in English.

I don’t teach coursebooks. I give you learning experience and tools for growth and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The groups work for about 3 months. I announce the date of each group separately. Normally, there are 4 groups a year. Please subscribe to receive updates on the start dates.
If I am a beginner, is it a good course for me?
I am afraid not. The group courses are for Low Intermediate and Intermediate levels of learners. You will need to take the test and then have an interview with me to make sure the members of the group will be compatible.
What will I achieve after the course?
I can guarantee that you will be confident in communication on the most everyday topics after this group course.
Do I have to pay for the full course at once?
You can either make a full payment for the course (2.5 months) or you can use a payment plan to pay in 3 instalments every month.
What materials do I have access to?
Once you become a member of the group, you have access to all the group materials, including the vocabulary notes, videos and articles used in the course. After every class, you will also receive the class recording + my feedback notes. Everything will be kept in one place. You have access to these materials without limitations even when the course finishes!
What application do you use for the group classes?
We will be using ZOOM application. It is free of charge for you. You will need to install it on your computer, but it is very easy!
Why is it so hard to enroll? Why can't I just subscribe?
We will be working on communication confidence. For these purposes, I need to make sure everybody studies in comfortable environment - for this the group members should have a similar level - not to be delayed or overspoken by other members. This group course has well-planned structure, and the atmosphere should be comfortable for everybody.

This course is not open for enrollment.